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vCompute Data Center Services

Why Pay For Expensive Co-location Caged Space When a vCompute Custom Data Center Is More Affordable?

Data Center design and construction by vCompute gives all our clients the very best technology to support their computing. The "Design and Deployment" process is easy, exciting and affordable. vCompute allows clients to get the data center design they need without limited options.


No longer will technology organizations have to pay expensive "one size fits all" co-location space. 

Vcompute will perform all the project management of the construction process. All you have to do is select your location and the vCompute team will build your data center faster than you may think!

Custom Data Center Design

"The vCompute Method"


The vCompute organization provides custom data center builds that are  designed, per the client request, and are fully capitalized to eliminate the need for corporations to expend large amounts of capital to deploy new data center facilities.


Those organizations that qualify for this service get the benefit of reduced rates, based on typical limited co-location facilities, and get a new data center designed specifically to their requirements. No environment is too complex!


Best of all vCompute manages all aspects of the data center facility as a benefit leaving the clients with the ability to concentrate on their core mission.

 Managed Services

"Simplify Your IT operations"


vCompute can provide the personnel and outsourcing services that are needed to support complex compute solutions without the concern of expensive resources.


Sometimes corporations have to make difficult decisions when applying new technologies such as ROI ,cost and practicality.


Why pay salaries and benefits for employees that can be incorporated into a data center solution by vCompute.

Let vCompute manage sophisticated solutions and the talent necessary to provide the end results all corporations want? 

Solid reliable IT solutions!

High Performance Computing

"Just Use It"


 Vcompute systems consist of thousands of  cores and robust storage and extreme data networking.

vCompute computing architecture is perfect for many fields that have massive computational needs such as AI, seismic data processing, molecular modeling, manufacturing simulations, financial modeling, bioinformatics, climatic modeling, medical research, software development, scalability testing, data mining, gaming and many others. 


vCompute also provides secure custom private cloud capabilities to accommodate clients that want to setup their own cloud to provide specific services.

The Future Of Computing "Just Use It!"


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