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vCompute provides hosting, custom data-center designs, dedicated compute resources and managed IT services.


The additional benefit is access to local on-demand "Private Cloud Computing" allowing clients to immediately increase compute capacity when workloads fluctuate!

Virtual Point of Compute "vPOC" ​ Affordable and Advanced!


Private Cloud Computing

vCompute computing resources cost less than you think to utilize. vCompute takes a sensible approach to pricing our services.
Competitive compute rates far below the large cloud providers. vCompute works with clients to get them what they need to a reasonable cost.


Data Center Design

vCompute provides complete managed services to clients that want to avoid the capital needed to deploy or expand their own data centers.

The vCompute managed services group will design an affordable data center solution to accommodate even the most complex needs.


IT Managed Services

Why spend more capital on additional data center resources when you can host with us? Our Data Centers are carrier grade class A centers residing on major networks such as Lumen, AT&T, Comcast, and others.Only the most reliable technologies are deployed by vCompute for our hosted clients.

1. Managed IT Solutions

2. Custom Data Centers

3. High Performance Computing

Helping you find the right IT solutions.

The vCompute managed services group will design a computing infrastructure solution to support even the most advanced and complex technology needs.


Our experience with large scale cloud architectures , Linux clusters, sophisticated super computing and complex data center designs allow us to optimize the power of today's high performance computing. 


vCompute delivers reliable and very powerful commercial IT, HPC and cloud solutions.

Data Center Design


VPOC Computing


Data Center Design

vCompute Custom Data Centers

​vCompute provides custom data center space based on client designs and features menu items such as natural gas generators, advanced environmental controls, power bus systems, advanced power management and much more.


By monetizing the centers, vCompute allows clients to expand their compute facilities without the need for large capital expenditures, hence allowing clients the flexibility to quickly deploy customized data center space.


Unlike other data center providers, vCompute designs custom technology space for clients desiring specific features in a data center facility that typical co-location centers do not provide.


Private Cloud Computing 

vCompute vPOC Deployment

What is vPOC?

vPOC is a proprietary methodology to bring private cloud services to corporations and government entities without complicated processes or expense.


vPOC stands for "Virtual Point of Compute" and consists of "Virtual Points of Presence" or vPOP locations on the web. vCompute vPOC segments have the specialized features you need to run your hyper scale applications, while providing flexibility with open standards.

These systems are high density hyper-scalable systems. Each vPOC segment is built with the latest in high performance computing technology utilizing Intel® and AMD® based processors. The vPOC systems can support even the most complex applications as the architecture is specifically designed for High Performance Computing.


vPOC allows corporations to expand their computing capacity without having to invest in more data center space , power and compute infrastructure . Use it when you need it and never have to worry about running out of compute capacity again.




The Future Of Computing "Just Use It!"


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