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Is "On-Demand" utility computing making a comeback?

Remember the days of IBM's deep computing center and the SUN Grid? The early days of "On-Demand" compute were not kind to the owners of those businesses and many critics of the industry said "it would never last". In most cases they were right, however, the few pioneers of the industry that made it through those days are now stronger than ever!

Cloud computing and shared public compute infrastructure is exploding for consumers, however, many corporate entities still do not feel comfortable surrendering their proprietary data and sensitive computing on a shared infrastructure due to security concerns. This is where true "Utility Computing" and "Private Cloud Services" has now found its path to extreme success.

A good example is Virtual Compute Corporation who provides a truly virtual environment of high performance computing and data center facilities that are isolated from the public cloud. The service components that this company offers is far less restrictive, affordable and considerably more efficient than a typical collocation facility or public cloud provider.

The vCompute organization provides custom data center builds that are specifically designed, per the client request, and are fully capitalized to eliminate the need for corporations to expend large amounts of cash to deploy new data center facilities. Those organizations that qualify for this service get the benefit of reduced rates, based on typical limited collocation facilities, and get a new data center designed the way they want it. Best of all vCompute manages all aspects of the data center facility leaving the clients with the ability to concentrate on their core mission.

Along with this service vCompute provides extreme computing capabilities consisting of 10,000 or more cores readily available as needed to supplement clients compute needs when fluctuations occur with processing capacity. This "On Demand" compute capacity gives clients the ability to expand their compute resources without the need to expend large amounts of capital to purchase swiftly depreciating gear that may only be used sporadically.

vCompute has recently announced a partnership with R Systems NA, Inc. to increase the compute capabilities for clients that need private High Performance Compute resources. See the link below -

The history of vCompute is impressive as they were the pioneers in 2003 to deploy "Utility Computing" using more than 2 million compute hours on the Sun Grid and equally as many with IBM's Deep Computing centers in 2004. Not counting their own resources that have been consumed by long term clients in the fields of Climatic Modeling, Nano research, Geophysics, Data Mining, Cancer Research, Manufacturing simulations and more.

The secret to vCompute's success is the ability to adapt to changing economic conditions and provide a mechanism for corporations to expand compute resources without the need for large amounts of capital.

See the press release below of one of our clients that benefited from the unique approach to virtual computing -

Another vCompute client Tsunami Development Corporation also took advantage recently of the custom facilities vCompute provides allowing their organization to grow virtually without the need to expend large amounts of capital to deploy their own data center and buy additional computing resources to service their clients.

Many industry clients seem to forget the benefit of "Utility Computing" by championing the premise of internal computing infrastructure and the extreme cost of housing, managing, powering and cooling these complex computing resources.

With Virtual Compute Corporation those issues are resolved allowing clients that see the benefit of the "Utility Compute Model" to flourish from the profits not allowed by expensive internal operations. Remember all you have to do with vCompute is "Just Use It."

For more information contact vCompute at 281 213 3420

vCompute TM is a registered trademark of Virtual Compute Corporation

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